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Coastal Reliability Solutions offers engineering expertise, along with a wide range of tanks, to meet the needs of your most demanding applications.


Assmann Polyethylene Tanks
Assmann Corporation manufactures large polyethylene storage tanks and containers with up to 12,000 gallon capacities. They begin by selecting virgin resins with no re-grind for each application and manufacturing in one-piece construction via rotational molding. The company’s extensive processing experience and commitment to quality construction provides a superior plastic storage tank for the harshest chemical services. More>

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Edwards FRP

Edwards FRP Tank & Repair
Edwards FRP provides fiberglass tanks to companies across the nation for storage of water, chemicals, food products, pharmaceutical, specialized processes and government projects. Its tanks can be ordered in vertical, horizontal or rectangular form with flat, dome, cone, or sloped tops and/or bottoms. The capacities of our tanks range from 25 gallons to over 40,000 gallons. More>

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