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Assmann Corporation is a renowned manufacture of polyethylene storage tanks that are engineered and processed for even the most challenging applications. From the beginning, selecting the best virgin resins, with no re-grind, for each application coupled with Assmann's equipment, tooling, extensive processing experience and commitment, the quality of construction provides a superior storage tank than any other competitor. At Assmann, they are continuously finding ways to increase efficiency in the process but will never abandon their successful methods for any cost-cutting measure that would compromise the quality and integrity of the polyethylene tanks for which they have become known for. Even experienced tank users receiving an Assmann tank for the first time will remark favorably on how it compares to units they’ve used in the past or currently have in their systems. Assmann takes pride in their workmanship and being an American manufacturer and extends a welcome to all to visit the plants.

Assmann Corporation

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