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In 1965, Sundyne designed and built the first integrally geared vertical compressor for Union Carbide. The space saving design was based on the very successful Sundyne LMV integrally geared pump technology. Since then, more than 55 years of experience and innovation has come from thousands of deployments in oil and gas upstream, midstream and downstream plants in some of the world’s most demanding environments.
Today, the Sundyne compressor line features single- and multi-stage centrifugal designs for API 617 and fit-for-purpose applications including fuel gas boost in power generation.  Each model is custom built to provide pulsa­tion- and vibration-free operation, and to deliver oil-free process gas with zero emissions.
NACE compliant Sundyne compressors do not rust or corrode.  Each unit is engineered in accordance with industry standards and is designed to run continuously for 5 to 7 years without the need for costly maintenance or over-hauls.
Sundyne gas compressors provide the performance envelope, the feature set, the reliability ratings and the uncompromising efficiency needed to address the Best Efficiency Point (BEP) for any application.


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